About me.

My name is Charlie. I am an ELA/Reading and Special Education teacher. I have a deep passion for both English and teaching (I also like comedy and music, but I digress). These young people are the future, and I am super excited to be able to help and assist them through their education. Being an educator is like being a student for life because we are always learning (and sometimes creating) the latest materials, techniques, researched-based approaches, etc. (literally the list could go on forever) that are needed in order to teach the beautiful, young minds sitting before us.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from Kennesaw State University, and I will be attaining my Master’s in Teaching Secondary English (I told you I love English) July 2019. Throughout my time in the classroom (as both a teacher and a student) I have come to learn about some amazing digital resources that I have implemented in my classroom and have previously written about (for graduate classes and certification). Within this blog, I will focus on technology and digital media within the ELA/Reading classroom and how it can be incorporated in the curriculum and in used with our students through products I will make. My posts will also focus on explaining my product and discussing the specific technology, software, or medias’ purpose and the ability to be inclusive. Is this device easy for an English Language Learner to navigate? Can it be used to aid a student with a disability? Will it limit students with disabilities? Is it financially affordable for ALL students? How can we get it in the classroom for all students to use?

I will be researching and extending my knowledge of educational technology and digital media in order to incorporate them within my classroom. Then, I will share those products and my thoughts (mixture of description, analyzing, and thoughtful feedback) with you! Since it is the summer time, I cannot give an accurate account for how each product will do in the classroom, but I will be providing my own opinion of how I see the the product being used and reacted to. I will also provide some feedback on how to tackle the difficulties that might be encountered. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I hope we can all learn something together.